Wings On!

Jul 12, 2017 | Blog

July 11, 2017- A lot was accomplished today! The 12 people from Perlan all worked another full day. Elizabeth, Loris, Alec and Sandra made great progress on getting the weather balloon software to read the GPS data. Our checklists were updated with new procedures. We had another productive meeting about operational procedures with EANA tower folks.

We celebrated Morgan’s birthday, thanks to Sandra. Tago had yet another meeting with officials. Ed kept the documentation under control. The oxygen and air systems were fully serviced in the fuselage with Tim, Jim, Stewart, and Alec. Morgan had his laptop hooked up for monitoring and tweaking. (Note his gloves and others’ coats: it was freezing until sun finally warmed the hangar up.) Then it was time to empty the Cobra trailer, coat the fittings with special freeze-tolerant grease, allign the curved wing spars with the fuselage opening, and finally put the pins into the wing spars. Job well done! Special thanks to Linda for helping me with checklists, cleaning wings, and lots of photography.

We anticipate another day or two for systems checks before a short functional check flight.

Perlan Getting Ready to Soar,


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