Unloading the Container

Jul 10, 2017 | Blog

July 9, 2017 was Unloading Day for Perlan and Independence Day for Argentina. The truck arrived last night and the crane arrived this morning. The Perlan team was in place to download and unload the container. First we needed to sweep and clean the hangar. The hangar aircraft needed to be shuffled to create room for an 85 foot wing span.

The crane lifted the container cleanly off the flat bed and positioned on the ramp. The guys were very pleased to see everything still secure inside the container when it was opened. The trailer rolled out with no surprises. Everyone on the team was working hard to unload the container and set up efficient operations in the hangar. We have a lot of assembly and upgrade installations to perform. So it will be a few days before we can be ready to assemble and make the first functional check flight. But this year there are hints of of wave to come.

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