Touring before Container Arrives

Aug 14, 2019 | Blog

While the 2019 Perlan Argentina team awaited the container (full blog someday) we have been very productive. There have been several meetings with Argentine organizations to coordinate activities (future blog). But we also took advantage of the nearby iconic Patagonia sites. Morgan made this fabulous photo earlier of sunset over El Chalten with a clear skyline imposed with a familiar logo. A fair weather visit to the glacier Perito Moreno was in order and I captured a photo of ice chunk breaking off the 200 foot face. That’s a massive Patagonian hay wagon.

On another day we drove 3 cars to El Chalten to visit Mt FitzRoy and surrounding area. The day was forecast on Argentina sites to be clear of cloud after 11am. But our trusty weatherman Dan Gudgel looked at a satellite photo that morning and said, “Jackie, there’s a strong possibilitiy of east winds and upslope.” Dan was spot on, unfortunately. We had mid level clouds and some snow flurries. Along the river Leona is the alledged hideaway of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. No bandits were spotted.

One car went along Rio FitzRoy and to Condor Overlook. If I couldn’t see the top of FitzRoy, then I wanted to see condors. Indeed we saw several soaring in “unsoarable” conditions! The second car went to a icy waterfall and also saw some condors. The intrepid third car went to Lago Dieserta and then hiked up to Huemul Glacier and lake. The trail was still iced in several sections and the lake was frozen over. But the photos were so exceptional! On the way back we saw hundreds of guanacos (llamas) and a few choique (emus).

Perlan Soars Soon!


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