Teachers in Space Visit Minden

Apr 27, 2016 | Blog

Teachers in Space arrived at the Perlan hangar on April 23. Liz Kennick, Joe Latrell, Chris Murphy, and Austin Reese pitched in immediately with a ground test being conducted for the glider. That’s Austin’s CubeSat experiment in his hands in the red case.

In subsequent days they were able to improve a rack designed for flying 4 cube sat experiments in the unpressurized science bay of the Perlan 2. A total of 10 experiments were competitively selected from around the world. Joe and Greg discussed modifications and placement of the new sleeve design and the air intake and exhaust pitot for the science bay. They were able to fly a cube sat in a glider with Perlan’s Tim Gardner as the flight instructor. And they were strong ground support for the drogue chute deployment and jettison flight. Joe and Liz walked through 3 miles of desert scrub in a grid pattern looking for the tail cone. Joe said it was just like rocket recovery!

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