Successful Test Flights in Minden, NV

Jan 15, 2016 | Blog

January 15, 2016

The Perlan 2 completed two perfect test flights today from Minden, NV.   The weather was clear and calm and above freezing-just what you want for early test flights!

Jim Payne, Pilot in Command (PIC), and Miguel Iturmendi, Flight Test Engineer (FTE), towed behind a Pawnee flown by SoaringNV’s Silvio Ricardi. They took two 6,000 foot tows in still air to 10,700 feet. They performed many test maneuvers like: 1G stall, 30 degree banked stall, stick raps 60 and 80 knots, dynamics 60 and 80 knots. No surprises. Other data were gathered such as CO2 inside cockpit and satellite tracking.

Ground support included Stewart Tattersall, Morgan Sandercock, Tim Gardner, Gabe Bourbeau, and Jackie Payne. Bumper Morgan has also helped during the past week. Minden Tahoe Airport folks provided support – particularly Chris Johnson, operations supervisor and (Mountain) Mike Harbison on his day off. And Laurie Hardin was there to document and tweet the events. Thanks to all!

Photo credits: Laurie Harden @glidergirl

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