SolarStratus Visits Airbus Perlan Mission II

Aug 18, 2018 | Blog

When your goal is to reach the edge of space, visiting someone who is already soaring above the tropopause is a great way to vacation! SolarStratus visited Perlan Project in El Calafate to see how we do it. We actually had 2 launches in 3 days so they got a deep dose of experience. Raphael Domjan, Raphaella Javet, and Frank Borrmann came to Patagonia to see the attractions of the glacier and Perlan 2. They were present for the Airbus helicopter photo chase mission (#46) and Raphael even helped on the ramp for flight #47.

As with most pilots it is almost impossible to talk about flying without using your hands. I still recall the days when Jim was a Top Gun Aggressor pilot. The hands flew! It is still the same.

SolarStratus hosted a lovely dinner at La Tabilita for their appreciation. We saw a video of the SolarStratus concept. Both projects have had difficulties to overcome in their goal to fly high. Ed Warnock said, “See you in the stratosphere!”  Raphael responded, “Thanks for feeding our dreams.” Frank said in closing, “Let our dreams soar.” Perlan Soars! Jackie

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