Rainy Day Off

Aug 22, 2017 | Blog

On a rainy August 21, 2017 most of the Perlan Team visited an old Argentine estancia (ranch) La Usina for lunch. The ranch was self sufficient on a river with their own water wheel from a sluice. Once the drizzle stopped the condors came out into skies above Usina, about 40 of them. There was a vivid type of gray green long moss growing on some bare trees and a type of yellow green balls of mistletoe on other trees. The traditional lamb is always roasted over a low fire with only salt as seasoning. And dessert was fresh crepes with traditional dulce de leche (heavy caramel) filling. There’s a photo of Ed with our hostess and the cook. Jim walked in a plowed field after the rain checking for outlanding possibilities. It got 2 thumbs up as it was smooth and not muddy. We never plan to land Perlan2 away from the airport, but you must be prepared for all possibilities.

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