Preparation Work in El Calafate

Jul 11, 2017 | Blog

July 10, 2017- There’s a lot of preparation work that is crtical for Airbus Perlan Mission II success. A new oil pre-heater was installed on the Boreo tow plane. We knew from Minden that one of the accelerometers had stopped sending data. So Morgan and Stewart found the broken wire problem and repaired. There was a meeting with local officials about launching weather balloons.

Elizabeth Tattersall (ET) and Loris Gliner started to become familar with the software and the process. Tim and Alec had their heads inside the cockpits much of the day. Tago was coordinating with local officials about necessary paperwork and permissions. We had a team meeting with EANA personnel from the tower to commicate and refresh best operating procedures.The Air and Oxygen systems were serviced. All team members worked a full day in the hangar. For dinner we enjoyed several of El Calafate’s restaurants.

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