Prep for Packing

Jun 23, 2016 | Blog


As you might imagine, this expedition to Patagonia takes an amazing amount of preparation. For the past months, Greg Scates has provided expertise in carbon fiber work inside the glider. Now Greg has shifted to welding to prepare the container for ocean shipping. The huge trailer was designed by Cobra to fit inside a 40 foot container by making the tongue removable.

But then the front of trailer must be supported with some shock absorbing structure. We decided to use Jim’s design for shipping trailers but times two for the heavier Perlan trailer. The back of trailer has hard points, but Greg wanted something beefier there, too. So he fabricated a 2 inch square tube to strap the back of trailer. Strap down AND strap up since boats ride the ocean waves.

The trailer protects our baby, but there’s not much room left inside the trailer. We have metal saw horses for rigging, but there is no room for them as welded in Oregon. So Greg designed a way to cut and hinge so they can be shipped flat against the front wall of container. The four black boxes can hold alot, but the only remaining space big enough was above the trailer tongue area next to the ceiling. So Greg fabricated a metal mesh shelf up high. All other normal metal shelving had to be only 14 inches wide since there was less than 16 inches between wall of trailer and wall of container. Shelving is secured with mutiple welded tie downs, racheting straps, and yards of clear plastic wrap. Greg has saved Airbus Perlan Mission II once again!!! Jim calls it Hero of Perlan with an Oak Leaf Cluster (repeated heroic efforts). Perlan Soars because of volunteers like this! Jackie

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