Perlan Team Arrives in El Calafate

Jul 25, 2018 | Blog

The Perlan Team gathered in Buenos Aires to fly together to El Calafate. Jim and Jackie Payne met Dan Gudgel and Mike Malis in Atlanta. Georgia thunderstorms caused some delays. But we had hours to spare in Buenos Aires.

You usually transfer between airports EZE (International) and AEP (Domestic). The Tienda Leon bus had a wifi hot spot and the chairs were definitely more comfortable than airline coach. We passed by spectacular old and modern buildings in Buenos Aires.

We met Tim Gardner in AEP along with the Warnocks and Loris Gliner.  We left the city skyline and flew 3 hours to southern Patagonia, with an Andes mountain sunset skyline. El Calafte Santa Monica Cabins will be our Perlan home for next 2 months. Perlan Soars! Jackie

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