Perlan Makes Smithsonian Air & Space Cover

May 31, 2016 | Blog

On March 24-25 Smithsonian’s Air & Space photographer Chad Slattery was in Minden to get some pictures of Perlan 2. We had to promise to not put anything on our blog page until the actual magazine was published. It was fun to work with Chad and observe his professional eye for photos.

We were thrilled to not only have an article in the June/July issue of Air & Space but Chad got another cover shot for his resume! While he was shooting Minden had northerly winds aloft.  The south end of the Pinenut Mountains have a short east-to-west segment that can generate wave northerly winds.  Sure enough, Mother Nature sent some high lenticular wave clouds to frame the sundown lighting. There’s sun flash on nose and wing with strobe flash through the port holes. Very artistic, Chad! While he was up on lift I caught the pink reflection of clouds at wing level. Jackie   Read the article.

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