Perlan and Patagonia Wave Clouds

Feb 8, 2018 | Blog

The tail camera footage from Perlan 2 can be spectacular. I scoured the 5 hour flight from 9/9/17 for the most glorious shots. It was very difficult to narrow it to only 4 minutes! The music I selected was “Higher” by Silent Partner. How cool is that? Tim Davis put it together for us. The glacier Perito Moreno is visible below the Perlan 2 in several early sections and the third photo of this blog. If you look closely you can see where a chunk of ice (calf) has fallen off the 200 foot wall of the glacier. The stacked lenticular clouds in photo four topped out at 35,000 feet.

To climb in wave a glider needs to point into the wind. They zigzag to stay in the best area of lift. They must keep their airspeed just above the wind speed so they are not being blown backward by the strong winds. The turns from the zigzags are the best view of the sky.

Enjoy the 4 minute YouTube video which was called “cloud porn for glider pilots” by one knowledgeable viewer.

You can also see a 1 minute version on Perlan Project’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Perlan Soars High!  Jackie

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