Perlan 2 On The Way to El Calafate

May 22, 2017 | Blog

After a fabulous wave flight on May 12, we took the wings off Perlan 2 that afternoon. We added Roger Tanner to our pack up team. Greg Scates once again masterminded the loading of the container. We decided to use the winch on our old 4×4 pickup truck to get the trailer up the reinforced ramps. (With a lighthearted photo of 2 “winching wenches,”  Sandra and Jackie) Even got the elusive Stewart in some photos.


As you can see it is a verrrry tight fit, even the tail has to be eased into the opening. Once the trailer is inside then the fun begins to secure against winter ocean storms, or crane drops from 3 feet, or anything else transportation over 12,000 km might throw at us. By the end of the day the wind was very brisk as shown by the coat blowing off Jackie’s shoulder. When the crane and truck finally arrived the Minden skies showed clear signs of wave. Jim called it a good omen for Airbus Perlan Mission II – Campaign Two. With the amazing support of Claudia our exporter at Hartrodt and Hamburg Sud for our shipping line the container was loaded on the vessel 5 hours prior to sailing.

Argentina, here we come!!! If all goes according to plans we will be flying Perlan 2 in El Calafate in July.

Perlan Soars! Perlan Se Eleva! Jackie

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