Perlan 2 Assembled and Ready to Soar

Aug 20, 2019 | Blog

The high altitude Perlan 2 glider is almost ready to soar over Patagonia! After several days of checking systems and installing upgrades it was time to put the wings on. Everyone was really excited to be this close to flying. The hangar of AeroClub Lago Argentino was filled with activity and anticipation.

This year I made a video of a collage of many photos taken by members of the team. It should show below this blog. In last year’s blog we had a time lapse video showing the entire process. That’s really interesting if you want to see it flow together.

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Airbus Perlan Mission II should take to the air VERY soon. If you want personal notification there are a few ways we have to let you know. If your email is on our mailing list we send notice just before flight. If you follow @PerlanProject on Twitter then you get our notification. If you text the word Perlan to 57682 from a US phone, then you get a text notice that we are about to fly. We will have our Virtual Cockpit active during flights. It has a moving map (metric or standard) altitude, airspeed and lots more information.

Perlan Soars Soon! Jackie


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