NASA 50th Colloquium Presentation

Dec 3, 2017 | Blog

On November 29, 2017 NASA  Armstrong (previously Dryden) hosted it’s 50th Colloquium Series about innovative aviation. Perlan Project was honored to be selected again.

Einar Enevoldson spoke some years ago about Perlan 1. Jim and Jackie Payne spoke about Perlan 2 to a full audience. Cam Martin, External Affairs and Government Liason, did a fabulous job setting up the limited access on Edwards Air Force Base for NASA Armstrong and the public access at Antelope Valley College at 7 pm the same evening. NASA has a storied history with iconic aircraft like the lifting bodies and SR-71. David McBride, Director of NASA Armstrong introduced Perlan 2 and Jim Payne at both events. Jim spoke about the history, build, and flight test of Perlan 2. To break it up, Jackie spoke about the logistics of putting together a campaign 12,000 kilometers away from home and the unique beauty of Patagonia. Then Jim talked about the September 3 high altitude flight, and the future of Perlan 2. There was enthusiastic interest from the audience of experienced flight test innovators. McBride encouraged anyone who wished to volunteer to support the Perlan Project as a worthwhile use of their time. That evening in Lancaster the audience was more focused on the weather that enabled high altitude soaring flights. Several career meterologists came to get more details and to professionally discuss possibilities for future flights. Perlan Soars High! Jackie

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