Memories of Steve (2) The Stevebump

Dec 29, 2011 | Blog

Argentina seems to have a lot of speed bumps. They have all kinds. Big ones, sharp ones, little ones, bolt-ons and more. Each time we have driven over one, Tago has said that Esquel has the worst speed bump. The “Stevebump.”“Oh no, that’s not a big bump. You should see this one in Esquel. It nearly killed Steve.”

“One time with the glider, Steve and Terry landed in Esquel. They had never been there before. I told them, ‘I’m a local, I know where I’m going.’ But I forgot about this one speed bump. I drove the truck into town with Steve in the back at full speed, right over this huge bump.”

Steve had just come from one of his speed/endurance sailing expeditions and he had injured himself on the boat. He was still in a lot of pain from the injury and a sudden bump would really hurt. Slamming into a speed bump at full speed was not going to be pleasant at all.

“Steve was a great guy. He just groaned when we went over the bump. He could have kicked me off the team right there but he didn’t say anything about it. He was really tough on the important things but he knew that anyone could make a simple mistake like that.”

The picture above is the site of the infamous Stevebump. Fortunately for us, the bump is no longer there.  Perhaps the locals finally got sick of the unsafe conditions that they were able to remove it?

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