From Malargue to Bariloche

Jul 5, 2017 | Blog

On July 4th Tim and Alec drove from Marlague to Bariloche down Route 40. This mostly paved road is 5,000 km (3,000 miles) in total. It is a classic like Route 66 in USA.

They stopped at Chos Malal for lunch and the memorial to San Martin. I love the tourist interest sign south of Chos Malal which shows glider flying. In their summer the Mountain Wave group flies from ChosMa. The famous Corridor of the Wind is near ChosMa. The Centro Nacional de Vuelo a Vela de Montana (CNVVM) is providing the tow plane for Perlan 2 this campaign. Route 40 connects Zapala, San Martin, the Enchanted Valley, and Bariloche along this stretch.

Meanwhile the rest of the team is proceeding south. Morgan and Sandra are in Buenos Aires already, Ed and Linda arrive in BsAs on Wednesday, Tago arrives on Thursday, the Paynes on Friday, and the Tattersalls on Saturday. Our newest Perlan intern Loris Gliner arrives on Friday. Loris is the developer of Virtual Cockpit.

Perlan Soars Soon!


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