Flight Preparation in El Calafate

Sep 8, 2016 | Blog

The level of complexity for an expedition such as Perlan Project in Argentina is mind boggling.  The Laviasa tow plane flown by Cholo Miranda arrived at sunset to enthusiastic team applause. It is a prototype 2 seat Pawnee (Pulche) with a bubble canopy. Sweet!

Yesterday and today a lot of preparation tasks were completed:  the pitot-static system was leak checked, the white oxygen and yellow air bottles were serviced, the telemetry was set up and tested including the map display on the ground station computer, the radios and helmet mikes were checked, and a local radio talk show interview for Teachers in Space was supported. A university letter of cooperation was signed by Ed.  We tested the pressurization system, completed shipping repairs on the Perlan 2 glider, presented paperwork for the Laviasa tow plane, and made multiple trips to hardware stores. The upgraded flutter system was ground tested. Teachers in Space made another classroom presentation. This was an incredible amount to accomplish in just two days. The goal is to have all systems ready for a functional check flight (FCF) in next day or so, weather permitting.

Unfortunately, Stewart had to leave today to go work at Reno Air Races. And Paul will travel north tomorrow. So we had a “Hail and Farewell” team dinner welcoming Cholo and saying good bye to Stewart and Paul. We also welcomed Sandra and Andrea from Buenos Aires Air Force Investigations and Development (R&D).

Below are links to Martin Heltai’s photos.  Use with attribution.

Heltia 2016/09/07 Hangar

Heltia 2016/09/17 Flight Prep

Heltai 2016/09/04 Perlan 2 Assembly

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