Arrival in El Calafate – July 8 ’17

Jul 9, 2017 | Blog

July 8, 2017 Today was the big arrival day at El Calafate for Airbus Perlan Mission II. Tim and Alec were the early scouting party. They started getting the rental cars ready and met two groups at the airport.

Cholo and Raul departed the Atlantic coast in the CNVVM tow plane at sunrise. Is that a beautiful golden view?

Our new intern Loris Gliner traveled for 40 hours due to a weather diversion yesterday. He arrived at 4 am, changed airports in Buenos Aires and made the early flight before 9 am. He was able to find Morgan and Sandra at the gate area when I said “look for pretty lady with waist length black hair.”

The Tattersalls arrived in EZE about 7:30 and made it across the city to the regional airport. Paynes, Warnocks and Tago departed the L’Hotel Palermo. Amazingly we all met on the curb for departures at AEP. It was a good thing, too. Today started the schools winter holiday and the long distance bus drivers went on strike. So inside the airport was a madhouse. Being 2 hours early for a domestic flight almost wasn’t enough. But Tago got us through. I have never been so happy to pay extra baggage fees and get my boarding pass. We only were allowed one 15 kg bag to check for free. Not happening while carrying boots, coats, and glider paraphenalia. As we approached Patagonia, Lago Viedma looked turquoise in the afternoon sun and Lago Argentino with Rio Santa Cruz reflected silver in the late sunlight. This is a beautiful pristine environment.

The AeroClub Lago Argentino held a special asado (barbeque) since it was a holiday weekend. They went all out with lamb, meat, and salmon. It was great to see familar faces. And I love the greetings in Argentina with 2 kisses! The Boreo tow plane with Cholo and Raul landed shortly after we got our bags loaded in various cars. Then Jose called in that he would have the truck and container at the airport before sunset. Wow! I love it when a plan comes together.

Tomorrow the crane arrives and we will off load the container around lunch time. Sunrise will be 9:45 and sunset is 6 pm. Bad weather may arrive tomorrow night. There will be lots of checks and tests done to make sure all the instruments traveled well.

Perlan Soars Soon!


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