ANAC and EANA visit Airbus Perlan Mission II

Sep 1, 2017 | Blog

On August 23 and August 31 regional ANAC and EANA personnel respectively visited the Airbus Perlan Mission II team. ANAC is like FAA Aircraft and Pilot Certification in America. EANA is like Air Traffic Control in the USA. The presentation for ANAC was made by Jim and Miguel. Our guests were able to get any questions answered and see the Perlan 2 for themselves. Airbus folks were in the hangar on that day. Jim, Tago and I were amazed that we had met Director Altamirano some years before at Perito Moreno (town) airport. And we always make photos with the unique glider (ANAC Photos 1-6)


When EANA came they were intersted in the pressurized Perlan 2 and the weather balloons. (EANA Photos 7-12) So Jim and Loris made the informational presentation as well as a “show and tell” of the balloon, payload, and parachute. Sandra was our Spanish translator and of course very knowledgeable about the project and balloons in particular. They said it was good to actually see the Perlan 2 and not just imagine what it looks like with the Virtual Cockpit. We definitely appreciate both EANA and ANAC’s time and effort to come to El Calafate. Perlan Soars! Perlan Se Eleva! Jackie

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