Airbus VIP Day at Minden Airport

May 10, 2016 | Blog


May 8, 2016 started with rain at Minden. By 11:00 the skies were clearing and aviation fun could be had. Tim Gardner flew a ride in his Pitts, SoaringNV got 2 two-place gliders out for several VIP rides.

The delicious prime rib and salmon from Bella Vita were ready when anyone wanted a break from flying.  Jim took some tows in Dennis’ Arcus with several Airbus guests. Morgan presented a 3D printed Perlan model to Dr. Enders as a farewell gift from Perlan. The VIPs also received a copy of Elizabeth Austin’s new book on meterology “Treading on Thin Air.” Chapter One covers the campaigns of the first Perlan record attempts with Fossett and Enevoldson.

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