2021 Perlan Project Plans posted

Apr 13, 2021 | Blog

We’re forging ahead in 2021 with our mission to inspire, educate and advance aerospace and meteorological science. As the world emerges from this global pandemic, we continue to respect international health and safety protocols that are keeping much of our work in areas where our global, volunteer team members individually operate. While we won’t soar in Argentina in 2021, we are moving science and research forward.

Perlan is installing sky cams in El Calafate and Puerto Bandera in Argentina that scientists around the world can use to observe the clouds and compare computer models of mountain wave predictions with real-time observations. These real-time observations will help improve
the accuracy of computer weather models. We’re also exploring options for Perlan 2 flights in the northern hemisphere, upgrading flight instrumentation, continuing research on sudden stratospheric warming and testing a new “radio occultation” instrument to measure the
humidity of the stratosphere that could be deployed on the worldwide fleet of airliners.

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