Our Sponsors are essential to the success of the Perlan’s mission. These corporations and entities have provided invaluable technical assistance or underwritten a significant portion of The Perlan Project costs. We greatly appreciate all their partnership and commitment.

Airbus & The Perlan Project

Airbus is committed to understanding the atmosphere in which we fly, promoting scientific excellence and improving math and science education around the world.  In this spirit we have joined the Perlan Project and its international team of scientists engineers and aviators to explore the edge of space in a glider.



Airbus has been a pioneer in the use of lighter and stronger materials in the construction of modern aircraft.  Airbus is providing consulting on carbon fiber manufacturing quality.


Airbus is providing the Perlan Project with critical consultations on aircraft and systems reliability. The Perlan team is able to draw from millions of hours of Airbus experience to enhance safety.


Financial support is being provided by Airbus to finish the Perlan 2 and to deploy it to Argentina where it will soar in the Polar Vortex to conduct critical scientific research.

Airbus promotes cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence to contribute to global progress and deliver solutions for the challenges posed by such societal issues as environmental protection, mobility, defense and security, and safety. Around the globe, we search for technological excellence, benefitting from competences in key countries.


Main Sponsor

United Technologies

A global leader in the aerospace and commercial building industries, United Technologies provides high-technology systems and services that set the standard for performance, reliability and energy efficiency. UTC ranks among the world’s most respected and innovative companies. To maintain our leadership, we continue to make substantial investments in the development of game-changing technologies and operate a central research organization to leverage technological breakthroughs across the company.

Official Sponsors

BRS Aerospace are manufacturers of Whole Aircraft Parachute Systems

  • Seatbelts and airbags for cars...
  • Helmets for bicycles and motorcycles...
  • Safety Glasses for your eyes...
  • Why not a Parachute for your plane?

Someday a parachute recovery system for aircraft will be as commonplace as these accepted safety systems.

WeatherExtreme Ltd., founded in 1994 by Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM, is a leading provider of forensic weather reconstruction, graphics & animations for trial, atmospheric modeling and forecasting. Our company provides national and international consulting and research in many areas, e.g., climate change, natural disasters, aviation accidents, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, weather forecasting, climate studies and weather related consulting for various product marketing. With 20 years in business, WeatherExtreme Ltd. has provided and continues to provide consulting, forecasting... Read more.