WeatherExtreme Ltd.

WeatherExtreme Ltd., founded in 1994 by Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM, is a leading provider of forensic weather reconstruction, graphics & animations for trial, atmospheric modeling and forecasting. Our company provides national and international consulting and research in many areas, e.g., climate change, natural disasters, aviation accidents, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, weather forecasting, climate studies and weather related consulting for various product marketing. With 20 years in business, WeatherExtreme Ltd. has provided and continues to provide consulting, forecasting, advising and research for distinguished national and international companies including the United States Department of Justice, Farmers Insurance, Arch Insurance Group, The State of California, Union Pacific Railroad, XL Specialty Insurance Company, AIG, Federal Express, Honeywell, Air France, Delta Airlines, the National Ski Areas Association, Rockwell Collins, and NASA.