Team - Mission II

John "jdm" Miller

ENCORE Fellow Data Scientist


After a three-year hiatus, JDM returns to Perlan, this time as Data Scientist. In 2010, JDM co-founded The Perlan Project 501c3, and for seven years served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.  In 2020, JDM retired from Intel Corporation as a Principal Scientist, after 25 years of reseearch in artificial intelligence, 3D computer graphics, and distributed computing. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Harmonic Software, Inc. and a research scientist at MIT Media Laboratory. JDM is an inventor with over two dozen US and foreign patents, has numerous publications in refereed ACM and IEEE journals, is the author of a best-selling computer science book and an IARPA book chapter on artificial intelligence and visualization in collaborative work environments.

A pilot since 1987, JDM enjoys flying gliders cross-country, and flying powered aircraft towing gliders, in hard IFR, and aerobatics (though not all at the same time!).