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Dr. Dan Johnson

Medical Doctor and Photographer


Dr. Dan’s life story

He’s lived mostly within 100 miles of the Twin Cities, half in Minnesota and half in Wisconsin, which has created an acquired taste for cold weather. He read Lindbergh’s books before 14. A couple of ex-seabees who’d spent WWII building airstrips in the Pacific were easily persuaded to build one in Isle, MN, and all the prominent men in town bought airplanes.

Dr. Dan is an internist (a pediatrician for adults) who worked for the Mayo Health System in a small town until he retired at the end of 2107. He’s spoken and written for pilots on aeromedical factors for 25 years, including 60 monthly Soaring Rx columns until 2015..

He has a nice old Ventus Cm and a nice old Mooney 231, which he can now fly more often than while working in the salt mines of clinical primary-care medicine, looking longingly out the window at the sky.
He is in awe of the bright and talented People of Perlan, and working hard toward being able to say “No hablo español” with the proper accent.