Team - Mission II, Team - Argentina Team 2016

Doug Perrenod

Board Member


Doug is a retired United States Air Force Lt. Colonel living in north central California, after more than twenty-six years of both active and reserve duty. Doug started flying when he was in eighth grade. He has a Commercial Pilot's license for airplanes, seaplanes, gliders and hot- air balloons; and ratings for both multi and single-engine airplanes. As a Certified Flight Instructor, he has trained pilots in both gliders and hot-air balloons. One of his glider students was Gene Roddenberry, creator of the television and movie series 'Star Trek.’  In the 1980s, Doug was a pilot and project engineer of the Flight Level 500 (FL500) High Altitude Soaring Project and, as such, pioneered the use of full pressure suits for primary life support while flying a glider, with an unpressurized cockpit, to extreme altitudes. Their mission was to soar to a world altitude record of 50,000 feet. As a FL500 pilot, Doug obtained, and still holds, the Nevada State Soaring Records in a multi-place gliders for absolute altitude of 37,200 feet and altitude gain of 29,200 feet.