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Alec Guay

Science CubeSats


Alec Guay is a 23 year old mechanical engineer and glider pilot from Massachusetts. Alec designed and fabricated the new composite CubeSat rack for 2018 flight certification as his university senior project. Over the past three years and two expeditions to Argentina, Alec has also been involved with the science instrumentation, rebreather system, ground crew, and flight simulator fabrication for the Perlan Project.
In the off season Alec crews for both Perlan and its OLC record pilots stateside and across South America. He is currently working at Airbus Americas before the 2018 Argentina season and plans to attend graduate school next year. With his solid academic background in Spanish, Alec is quickly realizing just how much more there is to learn from the local Argentines! When he is not soaring you can find him cycling, hiking, or skiing and is eager to join the team for this years expedition.