Perlan’s blog collects the thoughts and experiences of team members from the multiple disciplines needed to build and prepare the aircraft, plan the flight, and carry out the mission. Here, you’ll find insights from the designers, craftspeople, pilots, meteorologists, and support personnel who will make Perlan’s record ascents a reality. Perlan’s blog will be an opportunity to delve into the challenges and triumphs that travel with the giant sailplane.

Teachers in Space Summer Workshop 2015


August 6-8, 2015 Airbus Perlan Mission II was a sponsor of a Teachers in Space Professional Development workshop for STEM Teachers.  Perlan Team member Dr. Michael Batalia, Ph.D. taught part of the workshop.   He is a member of the Perlan Science and Education Committees. The workshop was in Palmdale, California.  The objective of the workshop was to give teachers hands-on training and experiences in planning, conducting and analyzing real science experiments at the edge of space.