Reno Air Races 2015

We are currently displaying the glider at the Reno Air Races. We have a lot of supporters in ths region and we promised to show them the glider. We will be here until Sunday afternoon, if you are in the area and can come and see it.

Progress Inside the Cockpits

On the morning of September 9, 2015, everyone in Redmond was working to assemble all the components.   Doug was arranging logistics. Morgan was working on final touches to software.  Eric and RDD folks are working on interior of cockpits - wiring, instruments, panels, and seat pans. 

Stewart cleaned the protective adhesive off the windows and placed yellow soft microfiber cloths for protection during final installations. 

Taxi Test Rehearsal Successful

One of the most striking visual differences between a normal glider and the pressurized Perlan2 is the windows instead of a canopy. Dennis Tito's DG 1001 has a huge canopy with excellent viz, whereas the Perlan2 has 6 view ports and two transparent top hatches. So on Wednesday we masked the front cockpit of the DG to simulate Perlan's viz. The back cockpit for the co-pilot remained clear. Jim declared the viz totally acceptable. The Redmond Airport folks have given us awesome support. Leading Edge Jet Center has been super in providing a hangar to work in.