Dreaming of Wave

The Perlan fuselage test article is currently sitting outdoors, awaiting its next torture test. While it waits, it is watching the lenticular clouds forming overhead…

Latest Photos from the Workshop – Feb 2012

The Windward Performance worskhop in Bend, Oregon is currently working on the fuselage that will be used for destructive testing. This is the one that has to have all of the structural details of the final aeroplane but it will be over-pressurised until is bursts. Adding those structural details is taking longer than we thought; it’s not just a simple test. We have to have the whole thing finished and nearly ready to fly before we destroy it.

Memories of Steve (1)

This past week, I am spending time with Tago.  Tago was employed by Steve Fossett almost from the first record attempt.  He originally got invloved with the balloon circumnavigation because Tago’s home town (Mendoza) was selected by Steve as the perfect launch point for a round-the-world attempt.  [This one was the one where Steve ended up in  the ocean near Australia.]