Memories of Steve (1)

This past week, I am spending time with Tago.  Tago was employed by Steve Fossett almost from the first record attempt.  He originally got invloved with the balloon circumnavigation because Tago’s home town (Mendoza) was selected by Steve as the perfect launch point for a round-the-world attempt.  [This one was the one where Steve ended up in  the ocean near Australia.]

Big Sky in Argentina

Coming from Australia and having flown in the United States, I am used to seeing “big” skies.  The kinds of places where multi-terawatts of energy are going up into the clouds and just begging for a glider to siphon off a few kilowatts.  [I will always remember seeing the ground just fall away from me in Australia once.]

September Meeting

The Perlan Project has held its major team meeting for the year, in the Bend, Oregon workshop where the new glider is under construction. The team members got together to see the progress in the workshop and make some important decisions for the next steps.

The most important decision in this meeting was Dennis will ship his glider down to Argentina for the November-December flying season so that we can get some experience flying safely and legally in Argentina. Dennis owns a DG1001M glider, which is the perfect glider for this kind of flying.

Workshop Team Expanding

The Perlan build process is now up to full speed with many molds, jigs and parts under construction together. The team in the workshop is now more than twenty people. This recent photo doesn’t even show them all!