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The Windward Performance workshop has completed fabrication on all of the major carbon components of the Perlan 2 glider. All these parts are now sitting in the assembly jigs or stored on shelves, awaiting assembly. This is a good opportunity to have a look around the workshop, camera in hand, and get a few photos of the parts laid out. We can also see some of the other aircraft under construction at the same time.

One of the workshop mascots, Zoe the dog.

The test fuselage sits behind the wing spars, which are being prepared with foam inserts for the next stage of processing.

Some extremely fine (15m long) DuckHawk parts fresh out of the curing oven.

The DuckHawk wing-assembly station, with racks of wing skins behind waiting for their turn.

The Perlan wingtip sits in its assembly jig, with the test fuselage behind.

The pointy end of the test fuselage, standing by for the next torture-test.

The view looking forwards in the test fuselage (no instrument panels or controls.)

All parts are labelled with their part number and weight.

Some of the smaller wing parts lie on the wing skin, waiting to be moved to their final position.

The ‘skin’ for the left wing, upside-down in the assembly jig.

The wing assembly jig is so large it occupies two hangars.

The right half of the fuselage, in the assembly jig.

The smaller parts sit on shelves, next to components of the wing assembly jig.

Aft end of the test fuselage, showing the storage area for the air and oxygen cylinders.

DuckHawk final-assembly area.

The filling-port for the DuckHawk water ballast is magnetic.

DuckHawk wings nearly finished.

Duck-E prototype (electric motor.)

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