Team Perlan Arrives in Mendoza

While the polar vertex has begun to spin high over El Calafate, our Airbus Perlan Mission II team has begun to arrive in Argentina. Tim Gardner and Alec Guay were all smiles as they exited the Mendoza airport yesterday July 2, 2017.


Tago met them and took them to see our container and trailer.

Tim tightened a few straps and the right wing hold down system in the front of the trailer. It is on a new flat bed truck from Tribal Transportation, so it is ready to roll 3,000 km to El Calafate.

Last night Tim, Tago and Alec were invited to Aeroclub Mendoza for a Airbus Perlan Mission II presentation.

This morning it made the front page news in a city of 1 million people. After running some errands Tim and Alec were ready to start the long drive in a clean truck!

We all should arrive in El Calafate July 8. Our container will be off loaded on July 9 - Argentina's Independence Day. We will all be celebrating.

Perlan will soon be soaring!


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