Teachers in Space - CubeSat Contest

January 11, 2016

Perlan CubeSat ContestHigh Altitude Experiments with an Exciting Twist

Teachers in Space has teamed up with Perlan to bring space science directly into the classroom.

What’s cool for educators is that inside the Perlan 2 sailplane there is a payload bay that can carry up to 4 CubeSat sized experiments.

Teachers in Space is working with educators, selected through through a contest.  They are helping students develop some really good experiments to fly in the Perlan 2.

The payload bay will be exposed to the outside airflow and and some optical instrumentation is possible (spectrographs, etc). Experiments  for the flights range from atmospheric testing to low pressure effects on everyday objects.

This is an exciting opportunity to have a real hands on science experience added to the classroom. 


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