September Meeting

The Perlan Project has held its major team meeting for the year, in the Bend, Oregon workshop where the new glider is under construction. The team members got together to see the progress in the workshop and make some important decisions for the next steps.

The most important decision in this meeting was Dennis will ship his glider down to Argentina for the November-December flying season so that we can get some experience flying safely and legally in Argentina. Dennis owns a DG1001M glider, which is the perfect glider for this kind of flying.

Since it is already September, we have to hurry to obtain the necessary permits in Argentina, prepare the glider and ship it in a container. If we start right away, we will only just get it there in time for the flying season. If we miss out by only a few weeks then we might miss our opportunity to fly the famous Argentine wave conditions in 2011. Then we would have to wait a whole year for the right weather to return to Argentina.

We expect to do some long flights from either Chos Malal or Bariloche. Looking at the map, it seems we will have to do a lot of driving on the road to get the glider to these places.

In the photo above left to right: Ed Warnock (back to camera), Dennis Tito, Greg Cole (in cockpit), Katrina Halverson, Wade Carman, Sean Childers (obscured), Joe Wilding

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