Perlan Simulator Available for Download

You can now download the current work-in-progress simulation of the Perlan 2 glider from the x-plane.org web site.  You need to register a username on x-plane.org before you download the file.  You also need to have the X-Plane software.

X-Plane is available from x-plane.com. The free download only contains limited scenery data.  If you purchase the DVD version, you will get terrain for the entire Earth and Mars.  (The Perlan will fly in the Mars simulation since the air density at 90,000ft is about the same as on Mars.)

You can also download detailed airport scenery for many airports across the world.  This will include airport buildings, taxiways and parked aircraft that aren’t included in the X-Plane DVD.   Thanks to the users on x-plane.org giving their time for free, you can download both of the aiports where the Perlan will fly from: El Calafate, Argentina (SAWC) and Bend, Oregon (KBDN).

This simulation is being used by the project team to cross-check the aerodynamic calculations and to give the pilots experience with the aircraft characteristics.  Different window configurations or emergency procedures can be prototyped and tested very easily.

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