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On October 8th, the Online Competition (OLC) season finished for 2011-12 with Jim Payne declared the winner for the year. This is a worldwide competition with more than a hundred thousand flights by thousands of glider pilots. At the top level, it gets very competitive.

View the OLC Champion 2012 Results here.

What isn’t obvious from the results is that Jim was accompanied on every flight by Dennis Tito, who is also one of the Perlan 2 pilots. They worked together as a team to put Jim’s name at the top of the rankings. Jim has also won the speed category called OLC-League as well as the USA-specific trophies for both speed and distance.

Morgan Sandercock has been competing in the Australian Club Class Nationals, winning Day 7 of the competition. This is the first time a SparrowHawk has flown in competition in Australia, so it looks like it will do well in the future.

View the Club Class Day 7 Results here.

As a side benefit from the new OLC season starting at the same time as the Australian Nationals, Morgan was the first pilot to post 6 completed flights to the OLC and is currently showing as the leader in the 2013 race. This won’t last long, as the truly competitive pilots will accumulate better flights over the year.

View the OLC 2013 Championship results here.

All of the other pilots in the top 10 are also flying in the same Nationals but the OLC handicap puts Morgan and the SparrowHawk first.

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