Perlan 2 will carry CubeSats built by students

The Perlan Project and Teachers in Space will be training high school teachers this summer to build CubeSats with experiments that can be carried to the edge of space.  Students will build the science packages this next year.  They will be carried on Airbus Perlan Mission 2 flights to the edge of space in the summer of 2016.  The CubeSat training will happen in August of 2015 in Palmdale, California.  The CubeSat containers shown here were made by Perlan team member Morgan Sandercock on a 3D printer.

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Ed has a BS in Aerospace Engineering (Honors and high Distinction) from the University of Arizona and an MA in Systems Theory. When he was working at the Naval Weapons Center at China Lake, Bertha Ryan gave him his first glider ride. He became a pilot/mechanic with JAARS in the Philippines and Sudan, Africa. He is a managing partner of the consulting firm Cumulus Resources and a college professor teaching executive MBA students at the University of Oregon and Willamette University.

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