Memories of Steve (1)

This past week, I am spending time with Tago.  Tago was employed by Steve Fossett almost from the first record attempt.  He originally got invloved with the balloon circumnavigation because Tago’s home town (Mendoza) was selected by Steve as the perfect launch point for a round-the-world attempt.  [This one was the one where Steve ended up in  the ocean near Australia.]

Tago tells the story of when Steve was getting an altitude chamber test from the US air force.  They took the chamber up to some extremely high altitude that would render any normal person unconcious.  Steve was fine.  In fact he was answering questions and behaving perfectly normally.

“Steve, what are you doing to remain concious at this altitude?”

“I’m practicing ‘mountain breathing’.”

“OK, then stop doing that.  It’s Friday afternoon and we all want to go home.”

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