A unique group of international corporations, small companies and individuals from all walks of life have banded together to fund the Perlan Project. They are motivated by the sheer adventure, a love of flying, dedication to scientific exploration or a desire to fund a project that would inspire young people.

Airbus & The Perlan Project

Airbus is committed to understanding the atmosphere in which we fly, promoting scientific excellence and improving math and science education around the world.  In this spirit we have joined the Perlan Project and its international team of scientists engineers and aviators to explore the edge of space in a glider.



Airbus has been a pioneer in the use of lighter and stronger materials in the construction of modern aircraft.  Airbus is providing consulting on carbon fiber manufacturing quality.


Airbus is providing the Perlan Project with critical consultations on aircraft and systems reliability. The Perlan team is able to draw from millions of hours of Airbus experience to enhance safety.


Financial support is being provided by Airbus to finish the Perlan 2 and to deploy it to Argentina where it will soar in the Polar Vortex to conduct critical scientific research.

Airbus promotes cutting-edge technologies and scientific excellence to contribute to global progress and deliver solutions for the challenges posed by such societal issues as environmental protection, mobility, defense and security, and safety. Around the globe, we search for technological excellence, benefitting from competences in key countries.


Main Sponsors

A global leader in the aerospace and commercial building industries, United Technologies provides high-technology systems and services that set the standard for performance, reliability and energy efficiency. UTC ranks among the world’s most respected and innovative companies. To maintain our leadership, we continue to make substantial investments in the development of game-changing technologies and operate a central research organization to leverage technological breakthroughs across the company.

Official Category Sponsors


The corporations have underwritten a significant portion of the cost and provided invaluable technical assistance in these categories. The Perlan Project appreciates their partnership and commitment. Partners in these categories are essential to the success of the Perlan’s mission.

WeatherExtreme Ltd., founded in 1994 by Dr. Elizabeth Austin, CCM, is a leading provider of forensic weather reconstruction, graphics & animations for trial, atmospheric modeling and forecasting. Our company provides national and international consulting and research in many areas, e.g.,...

BRS Aerospace are manufacturers of Whole Aircraft Parachute Systems

  • Seatbelts and airbags for cars...
  • Helmets for bicycles and motorcycles...
  • Safety Glasses for your eyes...
  • Why not a Parachute for your plane?



Significant Individual Donors


These donors have made significant gifts to the Perlan Project. Without them, the mission would not be possible. We are deeply thankful for these special people.

Bingham, Dave and Jan
Fuss, Peter and Evelyn
Greenwell, Eric and Jan
Harden, Laurie
Hilton, Barron
Moss, Buddy
Sandercock, Morgan
Tito, Dennis

Individual Donors


The Perlan Project would not be possible without donations of all sizes from hundreds of families and individuals. These gifts together fund functions and capabilities in our quest to push the frontiers of wing-borne flight to the edge of space. We are deeply thankful for these special people.

Anderson, Mark L
Arnold, Thibault
Baird, Andy
Bald, Conrado Poole
Barata, Pedro
Bartels, Florian
Batalia, Michael
Bell, Ryan
Bernardy, Stefan
Bertrand, Jean Baptiste
Biemer, Jon
Bjorkhaug, Helge
Bodeker, Greg
Booker, Jerry R
Borden, Jason
Boulter, Dave
Brand, Ben
Brooks, Jens
Brown, Pete
Brunner, Bernd
Burgay, Darix
Burner, William & Sharon
Burton, Tony
Campbell, Gary
Chase, Steven P.
Cheeseman, Andrew
Clyde, Lucy
Cramer, Warren
Daly, Daniel
Dankert, Manfred
Darnborough, Darren
David, Andre
Davis, Paul
Demiroz, Goksel
Disney, Roy
Elliott, Rex
Emson, Alistair
Etches, Nicholas J
Fymat, Alain L.
Fymat, Stephane
Garden, Roy
Gates, Don
Gehlhaar, Heinz
Gravelle, Peter W.
Greenwell, Jeff
Guardigli, Paolo
Hanneman, Mark
Harding, Tom
Harlan, Raymond
Hawkins, Sterling
Hiatt, Terence
Hollands, Gary
Holt, Calvin S
Iturmendi, Miguel A.
Jackson, Kevin
Jensen, Jens Haffner
Jerabek, John
Jolley, Prue
Kaufman, Georges
Kent, Thomas
Ketigian, George
Kickert, Reiner
Kiene, Steve
Kilchenmann, Timo
Klix, Christian
Koen, Leland
Kolodochka, Andre
Kregl, John and Mary
Kunkel, D.
Lack, Tony
Lallemand, Geoffroi
Langreiter, Andreas
Lasor, Frederick
Lattimore, Mary
Lefkowita, Curtis
Levi, Ethan
Levi, Shaul
Linstaedt, Torsten
Lips, Frederik
Loken, Hal
Lozier, Richard H.
Magner, Rod
Malanaphy, HughJohn
Marcum, Alan
Mauk, Mitchell
McClanahan, Joyce
McCurdy, Kitt
McGinnis, John
McKinnie, Drew
Means, James
Michie, Preston
Mitra, Ruchika
Mueller, Volker
Mulcahy, Michael
Murphy, Gary
Murray, Barbara
Nigbor, Jon
Oger, Demet
Park, Kj
Parker, Paul
Passmann, Steffen
Pater, Amanda
Paynter, Frank
Perichon, Michel
Perkins, Mark
Perrenod, Doug
Pircher, Urs
Polinsky, Mitch
Pundsack, Gary
Remde , Paul
Renger, Larry
Romani, Oscar Urrutia
Rossi, Arianna
Roth, Randy & Cheryl
Ruzbasanova, Pavlina
Sahakian, Edwin
Saker, Adrian
Salameno, Charles
Salameno, Lawrence
Salameno, Theresa
Sandercock, Jennifer
Sandercock, Morgan
Schlüter, Falco
Schwartz, Jotham
Schwartz, Ron
Schwing, Lee
Sekler, Eberhard
Sheehy, Finbar
Shontz, Lexis
Sigler, Dean
Simon, Roberta
Sliwa, Steven
Smith, Duncan
Smith, Jeffrey
Smythe, William
Snoeckx, Peter
Soffici, Antonio
Stoddart, Ellen
Straub, Alexander
Strunk, Brock
Swindle, Jay
Taylor, Kathleen
Taylor, Leon
Ten Cate, Herrie
Thar, William E
Tonnesen, Claus
Tran, Mary
Travierso, Michele
Trost, Arty
Ussery, Robert
Van Wormer, Willard
Van Wyk, Mark
Varlamov, Natalie
Veble, Gregor
Volpi, Diego
Von Ehrenfried, Manfred
Wade, Noel
Wald, Liz
Warnock, Ed and Linda
Wayne, Thomas
Weaver, Garrett
Willamette Valley Soaring Club
Wise, Brian
Wolff, Mark
Zaccaro, Mike
~Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation
Falco Schlüter


There are many things you can do to make this exploration of the edge of space successful.


You can help train teachers to build experiments with their classes that we can carry aloft.  You can provide stipends for teachers and students to join the expedition to South America. Instructional materials related to the project need to be created and disseminated.  Funding is needed to send the Perlan glider to schools and museums.


Experiments need to be purchased and miniaturized for mounting in the glider.  The data will need to be put online where schools and researchers can access it. Universities will need grants to do the most demanding science.


There will continue to be aeronautical analysis and design modifications to the aircraft and the life support systems.  You can donate to the project in general, or underwrite the cost of one of these needs and become a recognized sponsor and active team member.


Donate Today!

The Perlan Project has hundreds of needs both large and small that have not been sponsored. We invite you to join the team from around the world and donate to help us explore how stratospheric mountain waves at the edge of space contribute to growing the ozone hole and impact our planet’s weather.

The Perlan Project Inc. is registered as a 501(c)3 non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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